About the Ensemble

The “Ukraina” Dance Ensemble embodies all of the qualities deeply embedded within Ukrainian culture — incredible passion, eternal striving for perfection, a love of freedom, and the rare ability to express oneself through music, movement and traditional rituals and customs. Passion makes this dance troupe unique — a passion for Ukrainian culture, a passion for dance and, above all, a passion for the human spirit.

As the senior performance ensemble in the Ukrainian School of Dance, the Ensemble continues to capture performance invitations and strives to provide exciting and enjoyable performances for audiences everywhere.

Artistic Directors, Aleksandra & Valeri Movtchan, rely on the talent and support of several key individuals who have, over the years, contributed to the Ensemble’s success.

Most notably, Leonid Korestskyy, Honoured Artist of Ukraine, provides choreographic and technical assistance.

The Ensemble’s ‘Rehearsal Lead’ Katrusia Grycko, provides invaluable support during ket rehearsals and actively leads the ensemble through its warm-up sessions.

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